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I will take on only three people for personal coaching in the next few months. You will have access to any or all of the courses below. Select the "Apply for Coaching" button in the menu above and send me a message.

Level One

BodyThinking Online Webinar

A webinar delivered by Jeremy Chance - in June 2018 - on BodyThinking and Teaching pedagogy. Lesson example and rigorous discussion included.


ATSuccess Foundation Course

A course that sets the foundation for a long-term plan to build a financially reliable and sustainable teaching practice based on Alexander's discovery.

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Building Your Email List

Jeremy explains how to attract people to join your email mailing list, and why that is the fastest way to gaining new students.

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Writing Sales Letters - One

Designed to get you started, these videos - and the lively discussions about them with different groups - are designed to get you started writing an effective, comprehensive Sales Letter.

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Writing Sales Letters - Two

35 more ideas for writing catchy and effective headlines, and a cleaner and simpler way to organise the 10 components from the previous module on Sales Letters.

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London 2018 Live - Teaching That Pays Well

This workshop was delivered by Jeremy Chance at the Regents Park Conference over March 24/25 in 2018.

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Take Off! Facebook & Corporate Marketing

Members are mentored to "Take Off" by implementing Rossella's FB course and start coaching on how to get well-paid work with Businesses.

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Selling AT from Facebook Events

Jeremy Chance is joined by Rossella Buono to show you how to easily find more students. Easily one of the most popular courses of ATSuccess. Non-technical - more about the Principals behind it.

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BodyThinking Coaching Sessions

Sessions with Jeremy Chance and members of BodyThinking Online and MasterMinders in a fun, eclectic and fascinating adventure in how to use body mapping in teaching.

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Level Two

Group Teaching Discovery Course

An 8 week course on How To Teach Groups for teachers of Alexander's discovery. Includes personal coaching with Jeremy. Adapts well to online teaching, but predates COVID-19.

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How to Teach Alexander Online

Jeremy Chance, Cathy Madden, Tommy Thompson, Greg Holdaway, Sarah Barker and Lucia Walker share how they have been dealing with the challenge of teaching Alexander's Discovery Online.

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BodyThinking – Axis & HEAD

A comprehensive Body Mapping overview to facilitate effective movement analysis. In this first module, Alexander's discovery is related to the bones, joints, muscles and movements of the axial skeleton.

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BodyThinking – Axis & ARMS

A comprehensive Body Mapping overview of arm movements in relation to your head/spin axis that facilitates effective movement analysis.

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BodyThinking – Axis & LEGS

A comprehensive Body Mapping overview to facilitate effective movement analysis. In this third module, the movements of legs in walking, standing and maintaining balance are explored in great detail.

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Greg Holdaway's Super BodyThinking Course

This contains three evening seminars with Greg Holdaway in Japan, where he links BodyThinking to the teaching of "Alexander Technique."

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Level Three

Part I - Alexander Work with Businesses

Getting Alexander work with Businesses involves a different strategy from the ATSuccess 12 Step Niche strategy. It is designed for teachers with no niche other than loving Alexander's discovery.

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Part II - Alexander Work with Businesses

This is Part II of the ATSuccess approach getting Alexander work with Businesses. This continues laying out the steps to securing work in corporations, started in Part I.

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Part III - Alexander Work with Businesses

The final installment of a proven successful strategy to seek, negotiate and close a profitable relationship with another Business.

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ThinkingBody One – FM’s Discovery Compass

The Discovery Compass is revealed in relation to Alexander's story - offering you a powerful teaching tool.

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ThinkingBody Two - Jeremy's Discovery Compass

Explore the Compass through the telling of a personal story - encouraging you to find how your story links to Alexander's path of discovery.

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